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The Pop-Up Messages Excel spreadsheet provides a facility for sending pop-up messages in a corporate Windows LAN environment.

The spreadsheet has 2 sheets:

the Message sheet
the Send To sheet.

To send a message select it in the Message sheet, click the Send This Message Button and click OK to confirm the message that is to be sent.

In the Message sheet a number of sample / template messages have been provided. While there are only 12 boxes you can clone rows / columns to create more boxes.

Setting up the list of users in the Send To sheet is a one-off exercise (providing the spreadsheet has been saved).

In the Send To sheet only column 1 is relevant to the messaging system. The other columns would only be for your benefit and can be left blank; more columns can be added as required (note however that a User ID that has been filtered out will still get a message). To prevent a user getting the message being sent out clear their User ID from column 1 (you may want to ensure you have the complete list of users backed up elsewhere.

Finally the spreadsheet doesn't have to be called "Pop-Up Messages.xls" so you can have several spreadsheets with different names, presumably to hold different distribution lists.


This page was last updated on 30 Jan 2010