Maintain The Tacton Docgen Tags

This Excel spreadsheet was developed for a company I was working for.

It opens each of the Excel spreadsheets and word documents that have been selected in the main table and scans for Docgen tags. These tags are then logged in the corresponding sheet as noted in the table. Multiple selection of files in the table (using the shift and control keys) is available.

When at least 1 spreadsheet is selected both buttons are visible, otherwise only the button on the left is visible. Press the button on the left to scan the selected files for Docgen tags and log them. Press the button on the right to repopulate the tags in the spreadsheet putting the tags into cell comments in the specified cell addresses and giving these comments standardised dimensions.

Note that in the spreadsheet all references to the company, the folder structure and the Tacton database have been removed. The number of entries in the table and the tags shown in the log sheets have also been reduced significantly.