Create PowerPoint Presentations Automatically

This facility takes most of the drudgery out of creating PowerPoint presentations.

It is specifically designed for creating worship presentations where there are songs and Bible passages with verses.

The first 2 sheets are for the static details and default values.

The third sheet is where the slide list is given.  Default values in the first two sheets can also be overridden here.

If the PowerPoint file name in the first sheet is left blank the list on the third sheet will be created in separate PowerPoints named after the file name of each text file - the system will start by asking if you want to automatically populate the list in the third sheet with all of the text files in the folder where the text files are held (specified in the first sheet).  The individual PowerPoints will be created in the folder where the PowerPoint files are to be saved (also specified in the first sheet)

Three types of slides can be created:

  1. Blank    - a black slide is created which means the projector displays nothing on the wall / screen)

  2. Picture  - this becomes the background so any file that PowerPoint will accept as a background can be used

  3. Text      - a raw text file that is viewable through Notepad can be used to provide the text.

Note that where the text in the text file has more lines than the maximum number of lines per slide (as specified as a default or against an individual slide) a new slide will automatically be created.

Where “New Slide At Last Empty Line?” is “Yes” and there are more lines of text than the slide is allowed to have (ref. the previous paragraph) this facility scans back up the line to the  previous empty line in the text file and starts a new slide from there.  This allows logical ‘page breaks’ (in the form of empty lines) to be inserted – this facilitates song verses and sensible break points in other types of text slides.

Once you have set up the details in the spreadsheet click the button on the third sheet or press CTRL-SHIFT-P to produce the PowerPoint presentation.

Once the PowerPoint presentation has been created you can obviously make your own additional modifications to it.

Create PowerPoint 97 (XP)

Create Power Point 2007 (Vista)