Amazing Rescue

A young man who had been raised as an atheist was training to be an Olympic diver.  The only religious influence in his life came from a Christian friend.  The young diver never really paid much attention to his friendís sermons, but he listened to them nevertheless. 

One night, the diver unable to sleep in his university dorm room, decided he would go over to the indoor pool at the college he attended.  All the lights were off but he liked it that way, there were great skylights in the ceiling and the moonbeams gave his just enough light to be able to get onto the ladder and to climb up to the ten metre board, the highest in the gym.  It was his height where he was in training for his upcoming Olympic event. 
He climbed to the platform and as he turned his back to the pool, on the edge of the platform where he stood, he extended his arms outward and was looking toward the wall with the pool behind him when he noticed that his shadow was cast on the wall in front of him.  With the moonlight behind him it was in the shape of a cross.
Feeling at that moment as he stood there, almost as if someone was talking to him; he balanced his toes on the edge of the platform and he couldnít do his dive.  So he stepped back onto the platform and dropped to his knees, then at that moment he finally asked the Lord Jesus Christ to come into his life, and to fulfil in him the things that were missing, which his Christian friend obviously had. 
He stood back up and just as he did the maintenance man happened to be making his rounds and he saw the boy up there and he flipped on the lights; and when the young fellow turned around he saw that the pool had been drained for repairs Ö