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I am a 58 year old single male and was born in Fraserburgh in Scotland. Since then I have lived in Glasgow, Bathgate (where I started school), Ansdell Lytham St. Annes, Lerwick in Shetland (where I had all my secondary education), Alloa, Cumbernauld, Nuneaton, Kirkintilloch, back to Alloa again, Preston (where I was contracting for 9 months), and am now living in Grimsby (which was apparently named after a Danish Viking fisherman).

I'm a sincere but fun-loving bloke and a committed Christian. Some might say I'm the strong silent type, others definitely wouldn't.

I enjoy Christian youth work (OK so I'm a wee bit mad), Facebook-ing, DIY, gardening and cinema / TV Movies (especially action and sci-fi).

Since graduating from Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh I have always worked as an Analyst Programmer / IT Consultant

(I'll not bore you with more details here - see my CV for more info).

Here are some of my favourite web sites / charities etc.

Creation and Answers In Genesis (revealing the facts and debunking the spin about how life began)

New Tribes Mission    Mission Aviation Fellowship    TEAR Fund    World Vision

UCB    Premier Christian Radio   

Oak Hall Expeditions

Dilbert Zone

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