Guess That

A shepherd is tending his flock (obviously not in the UK), quietly minding his business, when a BMW Z3 screeches to a halt beside him. An over-groomed man in his 30s wearing a Paul Smith suit jumps out.

The man says "If I can guess how many sheep you have in the field, can I have one of them?"

"Ok", says the shepherd, a little taken aback.

The man gets out his laptop and mobile, presses a few keys, scratches his head, and finally says "1536, is that right?"

The shepherd, even more perplexed, agrees. The man pick up one of the animals and puts it in the passenger seat of his car and prepares to drive off.

The shepherd says "Hold on, if I can guess your job, can I have it back?"

"Okay," says the man.

"You're a Management Consultant."

"How did you guess that?" asks the Management Consultant, amazed at the perspicacity of someone whom he thought an ignorant yokel.

"Three reasons: you turned up without me asking, you haven't got a clue what I do for a living and you've told me something I know already. Now push off and give me my dog back!"