The Lone Ranger

Lone Ranger and Tonto were riding across the plains on a hot, dusty and dry day. In the distance, they could see some buildings, and riding on, they soon came to a small town. Gratefully, they dismounted and decided to get themselves some liquid refreshment at the saloon.

"Two beers, bartender" said the Lone Ranger, but just as they were about to sit down, The Lone Ranger thought he had better find some water for the horses. Sadly, none was to be had and the horses could hardly drink the beer that was available. What was he to do?
"Tonto, would you be kind enough to fan the horses to keep them cool, otherwise we can't move on" said the Lone Ranger.
"What with?" replied Tonto, we have nothing to make a fan from?"
"You could run round the horses and create a cool breeze" replied the Lone Ranger.
So Tonto went outside and began running round the horses to keep them cool while the Lone Ranger sat in the saloon enjoying his drink.
Suddenly, a stranger came in and all went quiet.
"Those your horses outside mister?" said the stranger to the Lone Ranger. "Yes replied The Lone Ranger, but why do you ask?"
"Because said the stranger" ..............................   
Get ready to groan .............
"You've left your injun runnin' "