The Arab In The Desert

An Arab was wandering through the desert looking for water and suddenly in the distance, he saw a Jewish man sitting at a table. At first, he thought it was a mirage but as he got closer, he found the Jewish man sitting at a table selling ties.

"Please tell me where I can find water" the Arab asked.
"Certainly" replied the Jew, "but first, would you like to buy a tie? This one is 50 and goes beautifully with your robes.!"
"Foolish man" replied the Arab, "I want water, not a tie ! Just tell me where I can find water."
"Very well" replied the Jew, "there is a restaurant about 3 miles away to the East." There you will find water"
The Arab goes on his way but returns about 4 hours later, on hands and knees, gasping for water.
"Did you not find the restaurant ?"asked the Jewish man.
"I did" replied the Arab, but your brother..................
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"wouldn't let me in without a tie"............