Chicken Surprise

A couple are celebrating their anniversary and decide to go out for a Chinese meal. They turn up at the restaurant and are shown to their table.

After a while the waiter returns to take their order. Because they are so together they have decided to order a shared dish and ask the waiter to bring them the Chicken Surprise.

A good thirty to forty minutes later the waiter brings a large iron pot complete with lid, to the table, places their plates and chopsticks and leaves them to it. Whilst the husband pours another glass of wine the wife picks up her chopsticks and leans forward to the pot whereupon the lid slowly raises a fraction and a pair of beady eyes peer out at her. With a startled gasp she cries out to her husband, as the lid drop down again.

The husband doesn't believe her of course, thinking she's just messing around. So he too grabs his chopsticks, ready to eat, and reaches for the pot, whereupon the same thing happens. The lid raises and a pair of beady eyes look out at him and all around before dropping shut again.

Doubly startled, the couple both call out for the waiter to come back. He scuttles over to hear their complaint.

"What was it you ordered again please?" he enquired of them.

"We wanted the Chicken Surprise!" They said indignantly. "Ah so!"

Exclaimed the waiter, "please accept my abject apologies. It's my fault completely ...








I seem to have brought you the Peking Duck"