Free Medical Care

An elderly Jewish man has just moved to a new town, when he is taken ill and decides that he needs to see a doctor.

In the waiting room at the surgery, he decides to find out a bit about the doctor. He asks the Englishman sitting next to him if the doctor is a specialist. The Englishman replies that the doctor specialises in everything.

The Jewish man thinks about this and looks nervous. He asks the Englishman if the doctor's fees are expensive. The Englishman says:

"Well, he is and he isn't. You see, he charges you one hundred dollars for your first visit.

The Jewish man looks even more worried now and exclaims in amazement "A hundred dollars?"

The Englishman replies "Yes, but all your visits after that for the rest of your life are free!"

The Jewish man thinks about this, and then gets called by the nurse to go in to see the doctor. On entering the doctor's office he says casually "Hello doctor here I am again!"