The Canyon

Three guys were walking in the desert when the came across a canyon that they couldn't cross. They thought they would never get around it when all of a sudden a genie pops out of nowhere. He says "you look like decent men, I turn you into whatever you want to get across this canyon. All you have to do is jump off and yell what you want to be."

The men think about it for a while and they say ok. The first guy jumps off and says eagle and he turns into an eagle and flies to the other side.

The next guy jumps off and says butterfly and he turns into a butterfly and flies to the other side.

The last guy is really scared of heights and he tells the guys he can't do it he's scared, but the guys convince him. So shakily he walks up to the edge of the canyon and jumps
of and screams "OHHHH SH*T!"