A lawyer is sitting next to a blonde on an airplane. He turned to the blonde and asked her if she wanted to play a game.

"I ask you a question, and if you can't answer it correctly then you pay me five bucks, and vice-versa."

The blonde really just wanted to get some sleep, so she refused politely. But the lawyer persisted.

"Fine, if I can't answer a question correctly, then I'll pay you $50!"

The blonde figured that if she went along with the game he would leave her alone afterwards.

"What is the distance from the moon to the earth?"

The blonde searched her purse and handed him a five dollar bill and turned to get some sleep. But the lawyer bugged her to ask him a question.

"What goes up a hill with three legs and down a hill with four?"

The lawyer was stumped. He took out his laptop and searched all over the net, emailed his friends, and looked in every search engine he knew. But he never found an answer. So he handed her fifty dollars and the blonde took it.

"So, what is the answer then?"

The blonde handed him a five dollar bill and went back to sleep.